Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cowboy Party!

Jacob wanted a cowboy cake this year.  He helped design and decorate it.  He was excited to have his Daddy's cattle brand on it too:)

My First Wedding Cake!

My brother's bride asked me to do their wedding cake.  I accepted graciously...but was TERRIFIED!  I like to surprise people with cakes, I do not like to make them to order.  If it is a surprise and it doesn't turn out I can throw it in the garbage and no one has to know about it.  If someone wants me to make them a cake, and it has to be delivered at a certain time it is no longer a stress reliever!  It is a major stressor!!!  I am really glad that I did it though.  It was a great learning experience and in the end I was happy with it and there were no problems getting it delivered.  The last picture is the happy couple with all the nieces and nephews.

Minnie Mouse!!

Minnie Mouse for little sis on her 2nd Birthday!  We used the top of the cake for her smash cake.  She loved it, and it was nearly as big as her!

Toy Story 2nd Birthday!

For my nephew's 2nd Birthday we threw a Toy Story Party.  His Dad was the one that made the bed frame for "Andy's bed".  Such a cute cake and really easy too!!!

2nd Grade Patriotic Program!

Jacob was so sweet to tell his teacher that I make great cakes, and that I would love to make a cake for the 2nd grade patriotic program!  I even had a couple days to pull it together after I found out about his generous offer;)  The look on his face and the attention he got from all his friend's and all the teacher's was well worth the work!  He was so proud and grateful.  I love this kid so much!