Thursday, October 4, 2012

Riverton High Birthday Party

My 15 year old had his birthday the week before he started High school at Riverton High.  We decided that was a perfect theme.  He is the best kid!  I am so lucky to have him be my oldest:)  He loved his party and all his friends are hoping I can recreate the cake for their birthdays;)

Finally a little girl's party!!!

For as long as I have been alive I have wanted a little girl of my own!  I was so excited when I had a baby girl finally.  9 boys is great, but I NEEDED a GIRL so bad!  The truth is my idea for my daughter's cake came years before I had her.  I wanted to find the perfect party dress and then make a replica as her cake.  I spent over a year searching for the perfect dress!  I love how it turned out:)

The party was of course a princess theme.  I wanted to make her a smash cake that went along with the party theme.  I decided to try and make Cinderella's carriage, using my ball pan.  I was unsure of it, but LOVE how it turned out.  I just found a picture of it off the movie and tried to copy it.  I did end up doing the wheels twice.  In the above pic I had used melted white chocolate and just formed them and set them up.  The didn't look smooth enough and I worried they would melt.  I ended up forming wire into the shape and then covering it with fondant (as seen in lower pictures).  That worked much better:)

I made a ton of princess cupcakes for our guests.

My sweetie loved her cake!

I took the cake to her one year old photo shoot.  I love how they turned out!

Carnival Party!!

My sister and I decide to combine our little boys party and do a big Carnival.  It was so fun.  We had game stations set up, face painting, balloon artist, a bounce house, and prizes for everyone.  Cameron wanted a "big tent" cake.  I did it with 2 different sides highlight their names and ages on a side.  It was a fantastic party!

Grandma's Cake

Fun easy cake for Grandma.  We let all the kids help cut out the flowers and place them.

Cupcake LOVE!

I saw an idea on Pinterest for these and HAD to try and figure it out.  These were my first 2 attempts by the 3 time around I had the method perfected!  Such a great center piece or gift!

One of my Grandma's Satin frosting, delish!

Young Women's in Excellence.  Cupcakes in the Value colors:)

All about the taste on these ones...Chocolate carmel fudge, Peanut Butter Cupcakes, and Chocolate Peppermint cupcakes.  The Choc. peppermint ones were by far the best cake I have ever eaten.  I crushed peppermint candies in my food processor and then added the crushed candy to a buttercream frosting.  It was insane served on the chocolate cupcake.  We tried it on a few different cakes, go with the chocolate for sure!!!

These pink cupcakes were for my darling niece Kate:)

My nephew had a 1 year old Mickey Mouse Party.  The Giant Cupcake was his smash cake.  We made the ears for the big and small ones out of fondant.  So Cute!!!

Teacher Gift for my special needs son.  She was so great with him she deserved a special surprise!  She Loved it and Jordy Loved giving it to her:)

My mom did a watermelon themed party and wanted this as the center piece.  We taught everyone how to decorate cupcakes at the party.

Cam's Basketball Cake!

For Cam's 3rd Birthday he wanted a basketball was 8 days before I delivered my baby, so I was glad I had done it in the past.  He loved it!

Cub Scout Cake Walk

Some ladies in the scouts found out I made cakes and asked me to donate one for the cake walk activity.  It was a quick one, but my boys felt like celebrities walking in with that cake:)  Totally worth making it!