Saturday, October 17, 2009

Traci's Heart Cake

Traci wanted a human heart for her cake. I sculpted the cake out of red velvet cake so that when they cut into the cake it was blood red.
*A shout out to Lyndsee and Jacob for helping on this one:)


  1. Oh man I feel like a failure of a mother, my kids cakes have all come from Sam's Club...maybe one day I'll be creative enough to make a cake for them! Did you take classes or just a talent you have? This heart cake is should have been entered into some type of contest! I will be in town for the homecoming game next week with Jocelyn. Will you be at the game?

  2. Yes we will be at the will be so fun to see you. Let us know if you need a place to stay, we finished a guest space above the garage. It is small but we can sleep 6 and it has a small kitchen. We would love to have you come. Thanks for the compliment, no classes. I just need a good girly outlet:)